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You’ve Enrolled in a New Plan During Open Enrollment—Now what?

December 3, 2018

You planned ahead, shopped around for the plan that fits your needs, and enrolled in a new health insurance plan during open enrollment. Congrats! We’re glad you’re covered for the upcoming year. For most who enroll during open enrollment, your coverage will begin 1/1/19, but what should you expect

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Health Insurance 101 – removing the confusion from healthcare terminology
November 26, 2018

“Make sure you select your PCP during open enrollment and check your EOC before your next appointment for details on your copay or coinsurance, depending on your deductible and annual max out-of-pocket.”

Did that make your head spin? Healthcare companies can get caught up in using very

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Bright Health’s answers to your Annual Enrollment Period and Medicare FAQs.
November 18, 2018

Here’s everything you need to know before the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) ends on December 7.

Medicare Basics

What is Medicare?

Also referred to as Original Medicare because it is Medicare offered by the federal government to U.S. citizens who are 65 and older, or youn

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Get covered: Important Dates to Remember for Open Enrollment.
October 2, 2018

Fall has a lot of great things going for it. The leaves begin to change, comfy sweaters come back into rotation, and of course, open enrollment begins for health insurance plans. Open enrollment might not be as fun as jumping in a pile of colorful leaves, but it is an important time for you to make

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Stay on task: 5 ways to help you keep your attention.
September 17, 2018

Do you find your mind easily wandering? Is it hard to stay focused on your tasks? The more able you are to stay focused at work, or at school, and on your goals, the more productive and able to get things done you will be. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. If you are distracted and multitask

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Making the most of time spent in the waiting room
July 12, 2018

Whether the waiting room belongs to a dentist, an optometrist, a pediatrician or a surgeon, we know that time spent in one can induce feelings of tension and anxiety. It can be difficult to prioritize your thoughts and emotions as you wait, and while some visits are more tedious than they are worris

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Make the most of your birthday - the practical way
June 18, 2018

Sometimes, our birthdays can seem to blur together. It’s easy to overlook birthdays in your 20s; any number after the big 2-1 can seem unimportant. But a birthday is a milestone in and of itself, and we’re here to help you make the most of your birthday – the practical way, with some helpful advice.

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Relocating to-do list
June 12, 2018

Moving to a new place can seem like a daunting prospect. There are so many things to keep track of: finding the right home for your family, transporting your belongings long distances, signing the kids up at a new school, and leaving what’s familiar and comfortable behind. We’re here to cut through

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Behind the scenes at Bright Health: May
June 7, 2018

It seems like only yesterday we were saying hello to May and sunny skies. Now, the summer thunderstorms are rolling in and the heat only continues to rise. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying all that summer has to offer! Catch up on the latest announcements and going-ons with our team in Behind

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