Skip the brunch: 4 active ideas for Mother’s Day

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Let’s face it: the traditional Mother’s Day brunch is getting stale. It’s not that we don’t like brunch, rather, we feel there are so many ways to celebrate mom — and grandma — other than reliving the same repetitive plans year after year. Forgo the crowded cafes, long waits and overpriced pastries in lieu of getting active together and creating a special, lasting memory. Shake things up this year and spend mom’s holiday doing something together.

We’re sharing four fun ideas to get you started.

  1. Go somewhere new

When was the last time you and mom went somewhere new together? Whether you plan the mini-getaway or you surprise her, a fun daytrip or quick vacation is a wonderful way to celebrate. Take to the mountains for a day hike and some fresh air, explore the art scene on foot in downtown Denver, introduce her to your favorite craft brew on the patio, or treat mom to a weekend retreat by checking into a hotel in Colorado Springs .

Whether your budget is big or small there are plenty of options for new places to explore!

  1. Give back together

Does grandma have a cause that is close to her heart? Tap into her passion for others and volunteer together. Join her at an organization she is already involved with or reach out to one together to learn how you can lend a hand. Check out this list of Colorado nonprofits  for inspiration.

  1. Host a game night

Gather the whole family for an old fashioned, technology-free game night. Bust out the board games and decks of cards or take the party to the backyard for a round of bean bag toss and cornhole. Make sure to let mom win a game or two, and don’t forget to toast grandma too!

  1. Head to class

Instead of just giving mom a gift this year, why not make it together? Sign up for a candle-making or floral arrangement class for both a fun experience and a personal, handmade gift. Art classes, like Pinot’s Palette , or a fun exercise class are other great ways to get active together.

Family bonding time doesn’t have to be reserved for holidays! Discover budget-friendly ideas to bring your family together in this blog post.

Author: Bright Health

May 2, 2017