Relieving your workout winter blues

Woman exercises with resistance bands around her feet. Horizontal shot.

With long nights and cold weather, it can seem next to impossible to find the motivation to go to the gym. So how can you stay fit from the comfort of home? Take a look at these simple products that help you reach your fitness goals—no matter where you are.

  1. Wearable fitness tracker

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, small steps can have a big impact. Wearable fitness trackers, like the many options from Garmin  can monitor your activity, exercise, weight and much more to help you get fit and stay motivated. And with Garmin Connect, you can have even more in-depth analysis of your daily activitiy, leading you to develop a regimine that makes the most sense for your own lifestyle.

  1. Resistance bands

Resistance band training is an incredibly simple yet effective way to work your muscles, boost stamina and increase flexibility. Whether you’re looking for a challenge or just starting out, resistance bands  can adapt to any fitness level. No need to learn a complicated new routine; use resistance bands to replace weights in exercises you already know, like bicep curls. Resistance bands are lightweight and take virtually no space to store, which makes them perfect for use at home or on the go. For more workouts with resistance bands check out these routines from Livestrong .

  1. Exercise ball

Adding an exercise ball to your daily routine can help you develop muscle tone, rehabilitate a nagging injury and increase flexibility. Exercise balls are great for facilitating low-impact workouts and can even replace your desk chair to improve core stability, posture and muscle balance at the office. Find exercise balls and other home-workout essentials from Boulder-based Gaiam .

  1. Nutrition tracker

Even if you can’t swing every planned workout, consistently tracking your food intake can help you maintain a healthy weight. Recording everything you eat without the right tools can be a hassle. But a free online nutrition tracking membership to MyFitnessPal  allows you to log your meals quickly and easily.

  1. Online workouts

You don’t have to spend hours searching YouTube for workout videos any more; try signing up for a video-streaming program like Daily Burn  instead. Daily Burn lets you stream more than 500 videos and adds new workouts daily, including: dance, high-intensity cardio, yoga and strength training. You can also share your fitness journey with other Daily Burn members for the support you need to reach your goals.

Author: Bright Health

January 10, 2017