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We know that you have choices in Alabama for Individual & Family health insurance, especially on the Affordable Care Act Marketplace. And while Open Enrollment is over, your chance to get 2019 coverage isn’t done yet. Had a big change in your life, like losing a job or having a baby? See if you qualify for Individual & Family health insurance for a Special Enrollment.

Bright Health’s goal is to serve you by providing great plans and easy-to-use, excellent healthcare for the best price possible.

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We save you hundreds.* And getting a great deal just feels… well, great.

You’ll still get all that you expect from an insurance plan in Alabama to keep you healthy — medical care, pediatric care, and prescription drugs - but you also get tons of wellness extras. You can even earn cash Rewards. We have top-notch customer service and provide access to premier doctors and hospitals through Brookwood Baptist Health. Want to shop for plans and see if you can save hundreds?

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Some life-changing events (jobs, babies, marriage, etc) let you get Individual & Family health insurance outside of Open Enrollment. It's a Special Enrollment.

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Depending on where you live, your household size, and income, you may be eligible for hundreds in health insurance subsidies.

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Thanks to the ACA, everyone is now eligible for health insurance. This means your monthly premiums can be dramatically reduced.

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You are not alone anymore for health insurance with Bright Health.

Everyone deserves affordable health insurance loaded with benefits. If you are between jobs, self-employed, working part time, looking for family coverage, or don’t get healthcare from an employer, Bright Health’s Individual & Family plans give you the coverage you deserve while saving you hundreds. And, yes, we totally know that finding the right plan is a frustrating process during Open Enrollment, so we do all we can to make buying health insurance as painless as possible. You are hustling and don’t need the hassle.

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Get in touch with an Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, Health Insurance Marketplace-certified assister or navigator in Alabama. Or sit down with a licensed health insurance broker or agent, who will walk you through all of your options.

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We partner with first-class networks to make healthcare right. Together.

Bright Health has a special Care Partner relationship built with Brookwood Baptist Health to revolve around you. With extras such as no referrals, 24/7 nurse lines, seamless care and predictable costs, together we take a new approach in Alabama to healthcare. We want you to feel less confused - and even happy. Yes, happy.

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We are not a traditional health insurance company. We were founded by healthcare experts and are run by folks who care about your health - and your pocketbook. Get to know your healthcare insurer before enrolling in Alabama.

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*Savings based on a 40-year-old non-smoker purchasing a Bright Health Bronze plan.

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