Bright Health Secure Supplemental Insurance Plans in Knoxville, TN.

Get peace of mind with Bright Health Secure.
At Bright Health, we want to put your mind at ease. That’s why we created Bright Health Secure – a supplemental insurance plan for Knoxville, TN that can help you save on your out-of-pocket medical expenses if you have a hospital stay, illness or an accident.

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Bright Health Secure is available year-round in Knoxville, TN to our Bright Health Individual & Family major medical health plan members. For complete plan and benefit information, call us at 844-426-4086 or contact your broker to enroll.

Be better prepared for life with Bright Health Secure Standard and Premium supplemental insurance plans.

Did you know that 69 percent of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, and 34 percent of us have absolutely nothing set aside for an emergency?

Source: Go BankingRates

So how can Bright Health Secure help me?

Bright Health Secure is a supplemental insurance product, which means that you can purchase it in addition to your regular insurance in Knoxville, TN as protection against unexpected costs your regular insurance may not cover. We pay benefits that can help cover your out of pocket cost, giving you peace of mind should you have a hospital stay or accident.

Even better, we let you focus on your recovery -- we take the hassle of paperwork out of the picture by paying your in-network doctor directly.

Here's how Bright Health Secure helps you pay for the unexpected.

Hospital – Bright Health Secure gives you an opportunity to help cover those high cost out-of-pocket expenses, including pregnancy related hospital events.

Accident – In addition to Hospital stays, Bright Health Secure helps you cover accident related expenses like the emergency rooms, Urgent Care, and doctor’s office visits.

Outpatient Services – Whether accident related under our Standard plan, or any reason with Bright Health Secure’s Premium plan, you will have additional coverage for outpatient services like X-rays, MRI’s, and outpatient surgery.*

Ready to enroll in Bright Health Secure?

Bright Health Secure Standard and Premium plans are available to our members at any time year-round. It is a medically underwritten product and certain pre-existing condition exclusions or waiting periods for coverage may apply. So please discuss with your broker or call us at 844-426-4086 to be sure this is the right plan for you.**

Want to learn more about Bright Health?

We are not a traditional health insurance company. We were founded by healthcare experts and are run by folks who care about your health. Get to know your healthcare insurer before enrolling.

*Hospital coverage has a 30-day waiting period for coverage. For pregnancy-related hospitalizations, there is a 10-month waiting period, except in the case of complications. There is a limit of five hospital days per year. We will pay for one emergency room OR urgent care visit plus two follow up visits per accident. This plan does not have a limit to the number of accidents we will cover. Our Standard plan covers outpatient services only in the case of accidents. Our Premium plan will cover these services in all cases. There is a $1,690 annual maximum on the Standard Plan and a $1,980 annual maximum on the Preimum plan.

**Bright Health Secure is a limited-benefit coverage policy and is not a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act or a substitute for major medical coverage. Lack of major medical coverage (or other minimum essential coverage) may result in an additional payment with your taxes.

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