Bright Health & Baptist Memorial Healthcare Want to Make Healthcare Right. Together.

Bright Health and our exclusive Care Partner health systems are taking a new approach to healthcare. We act as a dedicated team to bring you great care that is affordable, easier to manage, and more personal.

We want you to be healthy, save money, feel less confused - and to be happy. Yes, happy.

What makes our Care Partners different?

Better relationships

Close relationships between Bright Health and our Care Partners means a better, more personal relationship between you and your provider.

Accessible care

Many of our healthcare providers offer no referrals, 24/7 nurse lines, same-day appointments, after-hours appointments, Care Navigator support, seamless care and predictable costs.

Extra features

Expect great extras like: online bill pay, online scheduling, wait-time notifications, text reminders, health coaching, in-home care, and medication adherence programs.

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Why choose Bright Health in Memphis, TN?

Get more coverage for less money with Bright Health and Baptist Memorial Healthcare. We designed our plans with our health system partners in mind, who we call our Care Partners. You still get what you expect to keep you healthy — medical care, extensive healthcare networks, pediatric dental and vision, and prescription drugs. You also get wellness extras, like the ability to earn cash Rewards. And much more.

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