Doctors and insurers have gotten together and hugged it out.

We carefully select the networks we work with, like Brookwood Baptist Health in Alabama, so that everyone involved in your healthcare experience has the same priority: you.

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Bright Health is doing things a little differently. We believe that health insurance and healthcare work better together. So we built our health plans for families, individuals, and seniors from the ground up, with carefully selected providers we call Care Partners. The result? Doctors who make your health a priority. Affordable pricing. Ongoing support. In short: a smarter, simpler healthcare experience. So you can live Brighter.

We address your whole health.

Our goal is to be a Brighter kind of health plan. One that addresses your whole health, from head to toe and body to mind. One that features a community of compassionate providers working together with us and with each other to help you live better.

What are the benefits of an exclusive partnership?

Exclusive does not mean small. It means purposeful. Bright Health plans all have one network and one prescription drug formulary. And that’s something to feel good about, not just because it’s simpler but because we’ve created meaningful partnerships with providers we trust.

Our Alabama Care Partner is Brookwood Baptist Health.

We’re making healthcare right. Together.

Our relationship with Brookwood Baptist Health connects you to an extensive care network, including five hospitals and dozens of specialty centers, with doctors and other healthcare providers who will put you first. It’s Brookwood Baptist Health’s focus on compassion and personalization that make them a great fit for Bright Health.

A history of care in Alabama

Brookwood Baptist Health’s roots date back to 1922, and they’ve been caring for the health of central Alabama ever since.

Alabama’s largest health network

Brookwood Baptist Health boasts upwards of 1,700 inpatient care beds, includes 60 primary and specialty care clinics, approximately 1,500 affiliated physicians, and nearly 7,300 employees across the network.
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