Bright Health and Centura Health partnered to give you healthcare that fits your budget.

Bright Health Gold Individual & Family Health Plan - 2018

Subsidy eligible plan. Available on Connect for Health Colorado exchange - give us a call or go online  to enroll.

$2,000 ind.
$4,000 family
Out-of pocket max
$7,350 ind.
$14,700 family
after deductible
Doctor visits
At Bright Health, we're all about relationships - especially the one between you and your doctor. When you need care, we encourage you to talk with your primary care provider (PCP) who can give you thoughtful recommendations and coordinate your care.
Two PCP visits for $0 and $20 copay for additional visits
Primary care office visits 
$40 per visit
Specialist office visits 
Preventive care
We believe in the power of preventive care - your proactive, routine care that helps keep you healthy. It includes your regular check-ups with your PCP, wellness visits, immunizations, screenings, and more. Most preventive care comes at no charge to you. Check out the details below:
$0 copay
Wellness exams (adults & child) 
$0 copay
$0 copay
Colorectal cancer screening 
$0 copay
Breast cancer screening 
Emergency and urgent care
You can't always plan for an emergency. That's why Bright Health partnered with Centura Health in Colorado to provide convenient in-network urgent and emergency care when you need it. When you have an emergency, this is what you may pay:
$500 per visit
Emergency room services (facility charges) 
20% after deductible
Emergency ambulance transport (ground/air) 
$75 per visit
Urgent care center services 
Bright Health partners with the CVS Caremark network to offer convenient access to 800 local pharmacies and major retail outlets right in your Colorado neighborhood and over 65,000 locations nationwide. Whether you want to pick up your prescriptions at the corner pharmacy or have them mailed to you - we make it easy.

Retail (30-day)

No charge
Tier 1 
$15 per prescription
Tier 2 
$50 per prescription
Tier 3 
$100 per prescription
Tier 4 
$600 per prescription
Tier 5 

Mail Order (90-day)

No charge
Tier 1 
$37.50 per prescription
Tier 2 
$125 per prescription
Tier 3 
$250 per prescription
Tier 4 
$600 per prescription
Tier 5 
Is my doctor covered?
Use our Provider Finder tool to see which doctors, pharmacies, and facilities are part of our network.
Are my medications covered?
Check to see whether your drugs are covered by our formulary.