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Save money by understanding your network.

As a Bright Health member, you get access to an exclusive network of healthcare providers designed to offer a higher level of coordinated care and attention.

Together, with our network of primary care providers (PCPs) and specialists in Colorado, we help ensure you get the care you need. Our robust network of doctors and Bright Medicare Advantage plan benefits help take the worry out of your healthcare, so you can focus on staying healthy.

Bright Health's network is your key to personalized care.


When you chose a Bright Health Medicare Advantage plan, you were granted access to an extensive network of Centura Health and Colorado Health Neighborhoods' providers. When you see an in-network provider you keep your out-of-pocket costs down. In most cases, if you choose to see an out-of-network provider, services will not be covered by your plan and you will be responsible for the full cost of that service.

However, if you need out-of-network emergency services, out-of-area urgently needed services, or out-of area dialysis services, then we’ve got you covered.

Bright Health's coordinated network of providers also allows for your providers to get to know you and your health history, so you get the personalized care you deserve.

Your primary care provider is your first line of support.

Do you know when to see your primary care provider instead of a specialist? Or when to go to the urgent care versus the emergency room (ER)? Your Centura Health and Colorado Health Neighborhoods PCP is there for you to help navigate your care. If your PCP is not available or you need care more urgently, you have other options:


Emergency Care:

For more serious health needs or emergencies you may need to visit the emergency room. To find the hospitals nearest you, call Bright at 844-202-4793 or use the online Provider Finder tool so you don’t have to find one at the last minute. If you need emergency care immediately, call 911.


Urgent Care:

For care needs that require immediate attention, but aren’t emergencies, call Bright at 844-202-4793 or use the online Provider Finder tool to locate the urgent care nearest you.


Care Navigators:

They’re a dedicated team of clinical professionals available to help coordinate your care. They can help schedule appointments, get you to the level of care you need, and find the right in-network provider, facility, or specialist for you. Simply call your Care Navigator at 844-202-4793 when you need them!

Using your PCP as your first line of support, helps ensure your care is relevant and on-target. Your PCP will work together with your Centura Health and Colorado Health Neighborhoods healthcare team to coordinate your care for your best health outcome.

So, know before you go. To check to see if your provider or facility is in network:


Call a Care Navigator at 844-202-4793


Check the Provider Finder tool in your Member Hub or on our website