You’re a new Bright Health insurance member, now what?

The Bright member experience goes far beyond filing and paying claims. Although, we do that too.

(Almost) everything you’ll need is in the Member Hub.

Login for a specific reason, or login to explore everything that comes with your Bright Health membership.*To access the Member Hub, you will need the ID Number from your ID Card.

Make your first payment

Make your first premium payment and set up automatic payments to save future time and hassle below. Or, make regular monthly payments in the Member Hub .

How do I get the most benefit from my Individual & Family health insurance plan?

Now that you’re enrolled with Bright Health, we want to keep you healthy, protect your budget, and make the whole process as easy as possible. Below are four resources to get you started. To get personalized assistance, contact us, or login into the Member Hub.

Earn Bright Rewards for doing what you (probably) already do.

Good health extends beyond the four walls of the doctor’s office. Bright Health believes in rewarding members for simple things that make staying well easier. You can earn cash rewards deposited directly onto a Bright Health Rewards Visa card for taking advantage of wellness opportunities throughout the year.

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Going to the doctor? Know Before You Go.

We’ve chosen our Care Partners, or our network, very carefully to maximize the benefit for our members. Before you go in for a visit, make sure you’re in-network and getting the right level of care. If you visit an out-of-network provider, it will likely cost you more.

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Realize the power of preventive care.

Preventive care is your health’s, and your wallet’s, best friend. That’s why it’s important that we help you take advantage of all the healthcare benefits that Bright Health offers, such as no-charge wellness visits and biometric screenings.

Explore preventative care benefits

Bright Health Secure

Bright Health Secure is a limited benefit Indemnity policy administered by The Loomis Company that provides additional coverage to help members save on their out-of-pocket expenses if they become ill, have a hospital stay or have an accident. For more information about this product, call your insurance broker or 844-656-3330. If you are already a member and have questions about your plan, call 800-596-7188.

Bright Health Secure Member Portal