Bright Health believes we are improving American healthcare

At Bright Health, we’re taking a new approach to healthcare, so you feel less confused and, well, brighter. No hoops. No headaches. No nonsense.

We focus on five values for you and our company.

Be Purposeful. Be Authentic. Be Brave. Be Positive. Be Respectful.

Bright Health's foundation is our belief in a better U.S. healthcare system.

Our Mission

To make healthcare right.

Our Vision

Collaborating with Care Partners to make healthcare simpler, personal and more affordable.

Why we exist: We believe healthcare is a relationship.

Inspired by the vision of our Founder & CEO at Bright Health, we believe that an individual's relationship with his or her doctor is one of the most critical, enduring, and profound personal bonds. A doctor is there at the very beginning of your life. And when all of us come to the end of our lives, who will be at our bedside? Our family. Our spouse. Our children. And our doctor.

Continue reading our CEO’s letter about what we believe at Bright Health.

The Bright Health model focuses on the Care Partner relationship.

Bright Health is doing things a little differently. We believe two of the greatest challenges in healthcare are: offering affordable healthcare and a great experience for consumers. That only happens when health insurance and healthcare providers work together closely.

We're working with local Care Partners to give whole-body care and save members thousands a year.

Our Care Partners are curated networks of doctors, clinics and hospitals with whom we’ve chosen to establish an exclusive relationship for you in order to have the best healthcare experience possible. Exclusive does not mean small. It’s simpler. And we’ve created meaningful partnerships with healthcare providers that we trust to pass savings.

Our founding team on building a new approach to healthcare.

portrait tom valdivia

Tom Valdivia

Prior to Bright: Co-founder of Definity Health & Co-founder of Carol Corp.

"Being Bright means innovating with empathy. More specifically, as we seek to optimize the health of our members, we must deliver the best member and care partner experience. To do that, we need to listen first and then act with both purpose and authenticity."

portrait bob sheehy

Bob Sheehy

Prior to Bright: CEO of UnitedHealthcare & Executive Partner, Flare Capital

"'Being Bright' means strengthening the relationship between doctors and patients to provide more affordable health care through a better experience for both."

portrait kyle rolfing

Kyle Rolfing

Prior to Bright: Founder & CEO Redbrick Health & Co-Founder Definity Health

"Bright is an opportunity to build a great company with amazing Brighters who partner with leading health systems to deliver more affordable healthcare with a much better experience for the consumers we serve."

URAC accreditation digital seal
Bright Health gained recognition of its health plan with a prestigious URAC accreditation that is recognized in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We proved compliance with rigorous standards, proving our ability to adhere to the mandates of the Affordable Care Act and compete in insurance marketplaces nationwide. We demonstrate our quality and compliance with standards that align with state and federal expectations for a more value-based delivery of care.

Accredited Sites

Bright Health Headquarters
219 N 2nd St. #401
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401
Bright Health Insurance Company of Colorado
10333 E. Dry Creek Rd, Suite 150
Englewood, Colorado 80112