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Why choose Bright

We believe a health plan should address your whole health – from head to toe and body to mind. That it should give you access to personalized care from compassionate providers. That it should respect your time and your budget. So, we made one that does.

A Brighter kind of health plan.

Our relationship with Brookwood Baptist Health connects you to an extensive primary care network, as well as five hospitals and dozens of specialty centers, with providers who will put you first. Brookwood Baptist Health is well-equipped to serve our members. But it’s their focus on compassion and personalization that truly makes them a great fit for Bright Health.

And of course, you get us, your Bright Health Team. We’re here, ready to help. No matter if your question is “Can I see this doctor?” or “How much is covered?” it’s easy to reach a real person who can get you the right answers and help you find the right care.

Bright Benefits:
$0 monthly premiums
$0 annual medical deductible
$0 copays for primary care office visits
$0 copays for preventive visits
$0 annual wellness exams
$0 annual physicals
Bright Extra Benefits (included):
Routine eye exams
Routine hearing exams and $2,000 toward hearing aids
Preventive dental coverage
Silver&Fit® gym membership